Affordable website design company web-app designers in South Africa and Business Marketing

InProgress™ Business Image Marketing Specialists.

We are many people’s first choice when it comes to Business Marketing & Professional Website Design.

Our services & Products include:

Website Design – From Private to High End Content Driven Sites Including:

    •  Business Listing websites
    •  E-commerce Sites

We include our designed websites and translate it into a Web-App * too.

*Web-Apps are applications that can be downloaded to a device from sites such as Google Play™  and install onto any mobile device allowing for the end user to click the installed application’s icon to access the content of the website.

This ads the benefit that your business icon is visible on the phone as an application and getting the added functionality of integration of your phone’s features, allowing you to easily:

          • Directly call a number from your phone.
          • Email directly from your phone.
          • Integrate other apps like Facebook and other Social Media Apps.

This is an All In One solution with the benefits of a Website & an App

Times have changed and competent business owners would agree that it’s vital that companies need to keep up with modern electronic marketing, or you risk losing current & potential new clients or customers.

We are here to help you do just that!